The local Community Corrections Partnership shall be chaired by the CPO and comprised of the following membership:

  • (A) The presiding judge of the superior court, or his or her designee.
  • (B) A county supervisor or the chief administrative officer for the county.
  • (C) The district attorney.
  • (D) The public defender.
  • (E) The sheriff.
  • (F) A chief of police.
  • (G) The head of the county department of social services.
  • (H) The head of the county department of mental health.
  • (I) The head of the county department of employment.
  • (J) The head of the county alcohol and substance abuse programs.
  • (K) The head of the county office of education.
  • (L) A representative from a community-based organization with experience in successfully providing rehabilitative services to persons who have been convicted of a criminal offense.
  • (M) An individual who represents the interests of victims.

Membership Roster

Current Membership Title Appointed Representing
Cal Remmington** Chair 1/28/2013 Interim Chief Probation Officer
John C. Fitton Member 7/20/2012 Superior Court Administrator
Adrienne Tissier Member 8/3/2011 County Supervisor
Steve Wagstaffe**  Member 8/3/2011 District Attorney
John Digiacinto** Member 8/3/2011 Public Defender
Greg Munks** Member 8/3/2011 Sheriff
Susan Manheimer** Member 8/3/2011 Chief of Police
Bob Loti** Alternate Member 9/14/2011 Chief of Police
Beverly Johnson** Member 8/3/2011 Department of Social Services
Jean Fraser Member 8/3/2011 Department of Mental Health
John Joy Member 8/3/2011 Department of Employment
Steve Kaplan Member 8/3/2011 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs
Anne Campbell Member 8/3/2011 County Office of Education
  Member   Community Based Organization
Rebecca Arredondo Member 1/2/2013 Interests of Victims

**Executive Committee