What is Home Supervision (HS)?

Home Supervision is the least restrictive response to a probation violation and not considered secure custody time. The child can only leave home between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. if accompanied by a parent or guardian and after calling HA/HS staff to let them know when they are leaving and returning.  They may attend school, counseling and church, as well as extracurricular activities and work, if employed.

What is House Arrest (HA)?

House Arrest is also not considered secure custody time. The child can only leave the home to attend church, school or counseling with a parent or guardian. They are not allowed to work or be involved in extra-curricular activities. The child must call HA/HS staff whenever they are leaving or returning to the home.

What is the Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)?

The Electronic Monitoring Program is the most restrictive as it is ordered by the Court. The restrictions are the same as HA but the child must also wear an ankle transmitter that cannot be removed. If the child leaves the home, the Probation staff will be alerted.

Who is eligible for EMP?

EMP is an alternative to traditional detention in the Juvenile Hall, for those children who are awaiting Court, transitioning out of Camp Glenwood or who are serving therapeutic detention time. It is ordered by the Court for those children who do not pose a serious threat to the community or themselves, are not a flight risk, and are otherwise safe in the community.

How does EMP work?

An ankle transmitter is placed on the child that cannot be removed. This device is monitored to make sure that the child is in the home or where they are supposed to be. Your child will be seen by a Probation Officer regularly.

What is required for my child to be on EMP?

The Judge must order that the child be on EMP. The Judge will consider the following; the child’s behavior in Juvenile Hall, a home environment safe for the child, and the child must be willing to comply with all release conditions. School placement and counseling are also considered.

The system can be connected to a landline phone in the home. The phone cannot have any extra services such as call waiting. The phone line must not be hooked up to internet services. Cell phone units are also available with an additional charge.

What will EMP cost me?

There is a sliding scale fee ranging from $1.00 to $8.00 a day for landline service (fees are subject to change).  There is an additional charge for cell phone service. This is significantly less than if your child was held at Juvenile Hall. If any of the EMP equipment is damaged, you will also be responsible for the cost of the equipment. Once fees are determined and your child is placed on EMP, you will be required to pay for 2 weeks in advance.