What is Bridges?

Bridges is an intensive day treatment program that addresses the many issues surrounding substance abuse and offending behavior. Bridges combines substance abuse treatment with educational and vocational training. While in Bridges, participants learn how to maintain sobriety and basic life skills: these lessons will help participants become more productive members of society. Please visit our web page to learn more about Bridges.

Is Bridges for me?

Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol and seek treatment? Have you failed Drug Court or have you been arrested for a probation violation? Do you want to earn your G.E.D., learn job skills, or learn to use a computer? Do you want to get the help you need to turn your life around? If you answered "yes" to any of these question, then you may qualify to enter the Bridges Program.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to participants for any of the services offered. The program is funded through a combination of grants and the Superior Court and the Probation Department's budget.

How do I attend?

Ask a Judge, Probation Officer or Private Defender if you can join Bridges instead of serving jail time. Participants attend treatment and educational classes during the day. At night, clients must stay in their own homes.

How can I benefit or what will I get from Bridges?

You will get reasoning & rehabilitation skills, drug & alcohol treatment, job search skills and resume writing, computer training, educational instruction/G.E.D., and life skills.

What is the time commitment?

Bridges has two phases that combined last approximately one year.

I need an application, where can I get one?

The Bridges Program Application can be viewed and printed out from this website (Acrobat Reader is required). Once filled out, please mail the application to us or you may deliver it in person at our office. Our office location can be found below.

Where is Bridges located and how can I contact you?

Bridges is located at 680 Warren Street, Redwood City, CA. Our contact number is (650) 599-7336.