My child was ordered to Camp Glenwood. What does this mean?

Camp Glenwood is a residential program located in La Honda, California that offers education, counseling and other services. Your child will remain in Juvenile Hall pending placement at Camp Glenwood. Once at Camp Glenwood they will have the support of Glenwood staff, educators, medical staff, and Deputy Probation Officers, who will work with your child until they are off probation.

How long will my child be at Camp Glenwood?

There is not a specific time commitment to Camp Glenwood, however, the average commitment is about 9 months in the residential program, if there are no incidents or serious problems. While your child is at Glenwood, you will be allowed to visit them on Sundays. Your child will also be able to earn home passes after about 3 months.

If your child complies and does well, they will then be released from Camp Glenwood and advance to the Furlough Program in their own home. They will remain on furlough with the same Deputy Probation Officer until they complete furlough successfully or there is cause to de-escalate or escalate the intervention. If they are successful, they will advance to the Aftercare Program with the same Deputy Probation Officer.  While on Furlough and Aftercare, the Deputy Probation Officer will continue to have regular contact with the family and the child until the child shows that they no longer need services and restitution has been paid.

How much will it cost me?

For information about your financial responsibility, please call the Probation Department at (650) 312-8816 or ask your child’s Deputy Probation Officer.

What happens if my child fails at Camp Glenwood?

Camp Glenwood is one of the highest levels of intervention in San Mateo County. If your child is not successful in this program they may be ordered to a more restrictive placement.